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5 Ways to Stay Cool in Benton this Summer

As summer rolls in, the residents of Benton, Illinois, and the surrounding areas of McLeansboro, West Frankfort, and Mount Vernon know that staying cool becomes a top priority. The sweltering heat can be overwhelming, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to beat the summer heat while still enjoying everything our region has to offer. At Weeks in Benton, we’re dedicated to helping our community make the most of the season, so we’ve compiled a list of five ways to stay cool this summer. Contact us today to learn more, or schedule a test drive

1. Enjoy the Local Pools 

Nothing beats the heat like a refreshing dip in a pool or the playful sprays of a splash pad. Benton, Illinois, and its neighboring towns have several excellent options for water fun that are perfect for families and individuals alike. 

Benton City Pool: The Benton City Pool is a local favorite. With its clean facilities, friendly staff, and affordable entry fees, it’s an ideal spot to spend a hot summer day. The pool offers swimming lessons, family swim times, and even special events like pool parties and nighttime swims.

West Frankfort Aquatic Center: Just a short drive from Benton, the West Frankfort Aquatic Center is another fantastic choice. This facility features a large swimming pool, water slides, and a kiddie pool for the little ones. It’s a great place to cool off and have fun with friends and family.

Mount Vernon Splash Pad: For a more low-key but equally refreshing experience, head over to the Mount Vernon Splash Pad. This free, family-friendly attraction is perfect for younger children who can play safely in the water sprays and fountains.

These locations provide not only a cool reprieve from the heat but also a fun way to spend time with family and friends. Be sure to check their schedules for special events and extended hours during peak summer days.

2. Visit Air-Conditioned Attractions

When the sun is at its peak, sometimes the best way to stay cool is to head indoors. Benton and the surrounding towns offer several air-conditioned attractions that are perfect for a day out of the sun.

Benton Public Library: The Benton Public Library is more than just a place to find a good book. It’s a community hub offering various programs for all ages, including storytimes, book clubs, and educational workshops. The library’s cool, quiet environment makes it a perfect spot to relax and escape the heat.

Franklin County Historical Museum: Take a step back in time at the Franklin County Historical Museum. Located in Benton, this museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the area’s history, with exhibits ranging from Native American artifacts to World War II memorabilia. The air-conditioned interior ensures a comfortable visit, even on the hottest days.

AMC Showplace Mount Vernon 8: For movie lovers, the AMC Showplace in Mount Vernon is a great option. Catch the latest blockbuster or enjoy a classic film in the comfort of a cool, dark theater. Don’t forget to grab some popcorn and a cold drink!

These air-conditioned venues provide not only a break from the heat but also an opportunity to engage with the local culture and community.

3. Explore Shaded Parks and Nature Trails

2024 Polaris Ranger XP - On the Trail

If you prefer to stay outdoors, finding shaded areas can make all the difference. Benton and its surrounding areas boast several parks and nature trails that offer plenty of shade and cool, refreshing breezes.

Benton Community Park: This park is a gem for Benton residents. With its large, shady trees and well-maintained walking paths, it’s an excellent spot for a morning jog or an afternoon picnic. The park also features a playground, making it a great destination for families.

Hamilton County State Fish and Wildlife Area: Located near McLeansboro, this state park offers beautiful, shaded trails that wind through forests and alongside lakes. It’s a perfect spot for hiking, bird watching, or simply enjoying nature.

Rend Lake: Just a short drive from Benton, Rend Lake offers a variety of outdoor activities in a scenic, shaded environment. From fishing and boating to hiking and camping, there’s something for everyone. The numerous picnic areas and pavilions provide ample shade, making it a great destination for a summer outing.

These shaded parks and trails offer a cooler alternative to more exposed outdoor activities, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of our area without overheating.

4. Indulge in Cool Treats

Three Ice Cream Cones

Summer wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some delicious, cold treats. Benton and its neighboring towns have several spots where you can enjoy ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other refreshing delights.

Benton Dairy Queen: A local favorite, the Benton Dairy Queen offers a wide range of ice cream treats, from classic cones and sundaes to Blizzards and milkshakes. It’s the perfect place to cool down with something sweet.

Mr. Whippy’s Ice Cream: Located in West Frankfort, Mr. Whippy’s is a must-visit for ice cream lovers. Known for their generous portions and friendly service, they offer a variety of flavors and toppings to satisfy any craving.

FroYo Factory: If you’re in the mood for frozen yogurt, the FroYo Factory in Mount Vernon is the place to go. With a rotating selection of flavors and a wide array of toppings, you can create the perfect treat to beat the heat.

Enjoying a cool treat is a simple yet effective way to stay cool during the summer months, and these local establishments are sure to hit the spot.

5. Attend Local Summer Events

Summer is a time for festivals, fairs, and community events. While it’s important to stay cool, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Here are some tips for enjoying local events without overheating.

Benton Farmers Market: Held every Saturday morning, the Benton Farmers Market is a great place to find fresh produce, local crafts, and more. Arrive early to beat the heat and enjoy the market before the day gets too warm.

West Frankfort Old King Coal Festival: This annual festival celebrates the region’s coal mining heritage with parades, carnival rides, live music, and more. Stay cool by visiting shaded areas, bringing a portable fan, and staying hydrated.

Mount Vernon 4th of July Celebration: The 4th of July celebration in Mount Vernon features fireworks, live entertainment, and family-friendly activities. Find a shaded spot or bring a pop-up tent to create your own shade while you enjoy the festivities.

McLeansboro Fall Festival: While technically not in the summer, the McLeansboro Fall Festival in early September offers cooler temperatures and plenty of fun activities. From live music to carnival rides, it’s a great way to enjoy the end of summer.

Staying cool during the hot summer months in Benton, Illinois, and the surrounding areas of McLeansboro, West Frankfort, and Mount Vernon is entirely possible with a little planning and creativity. From enjoying local pools and splash pads to visiting air-conditioned attractions, exploring shaded parks, indulging in cool treats, attending local events, and keeping your home cool, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat. At Weeks in Benton, we’re committed to helping our community stay comfortable and enjoy all that summer has to offer. For more tips and information about staying cool in Benton this summer, contact us at Weeks in Benton. And while you're planning your summer activities, explore our wide selection of vehicles, including the 2024 Polaris Ranger XP, perfect for all your summer adventures. Visit Weeks in Benton to learn more and take a test drive today.


5 Ways to Stay Cool in Benton this Summer - Weeks in Benton

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